The Department of Transportation and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure of Moscow

The Department carries out the functions of shaping and implementing the public policy of the city of Moscow and current management in the sphere of transportation and development of road and transport infrastructure, the provision of public services, the management of public property in transportation and development of road and transport infrastructure; it also promotes the security of transport infrastructure and vehicles.

The Centre for Traffic management, State public institution of the City of Moscow, The Government of Moscow

The institution is affiliated with the Department of Transportation and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure of Moscow.
The Institution was founded in order to implement the powers and duties of chief Moscow coordinator and contractor regarding the development and implementation of strategies, plans and development activities in the field of organization and safety of traffic, as well as setting up expert assessments of the proposed activities, including:
- collection of traffic data, including the parameters of transport and passenger traffic flows, road conditions, the current traffic management;
- assessment of the current traffic flows, schemes and strategies of traffic management;
- modeling of urban transport and passenger flows;
- development of recommendations to improve the efficiency and safety of traffic management in the city of Moscow;
- planning, design, implementation of safe and effective programs and schemes of the traffic management;
- development of the concept of street parking lots and community off-street parking;
- definition and implementation of technical policies, in the matters of installation, maintenance, operation and current repairs of technical means of traffic management (signs, traffic lights, etc.).

The Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow

The executive authority of the city of Moscow, authorized in the field of public protection, preservation, use and promotion of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture) of the peoples of the Russian Federation. The Department exercises the following key activities:
- Maintaining the public accounting of cultural heritage in real estate, its territories, protected areas of cultural heritage, historical and cultural reserves, historical and cultural sites, historical areas of Moscow, the sites of potential value for cultural heritage, including the identification of sites and areas and their study, as well as keeping up the necessary records according to the prescribed procedures;
- State control in the sphere of public protection, conservation, use and promotion of the cultural heritage in real estate, in accordance with the federal law and the laws of the city of Moscow;
- Preservation of the cultural heritage of the city of Moscow;
- Promotion of cultural heritage sites.

The Committee for Implementation of Investment Projects in Construction and Control of Equity Construction Activities

The key areas of activity:
- Government control and supervision (oversight) of equity construction activities in the city of Moscow.
- Coordination of investment projects implemented on off-budget funds.
- Coordination of interaction between the city and the investment community for attracting investments to the urban development sector.
- Monitoring investments in construction in the city of Moscow.
- Integrated coordination of the efforts exerted by the city’s executive authorities, to meet the deadlines on the requests of investors and to provide public services in the construction realm.

State Unitary Enterprise “Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan”

State Unitary Enterprise “Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan” is specialized in general territory planning for more than 60 years. During these years the Institute has made notable contributions to the urban development of Moscow city, Moscow Region and other cities of the Russian Federation. Today the Institute has many highly qualified specialists, who are simultaneously carrying out multiple projects. The experience of international cooperation allows to keep the leadership in the urban planning.
Each member of the team is a master of his craft. Their longstanding and rigorous work turns out their knowledge into the modern city. The development of Moscow city is an important and urgent project. The Institute is now confronting the problems of correction of the existing “General plan” and elaborating a new type of urban planning document — the Moscow city “Master plan”.

Moscow Investors Association

The nonprofit organization Moscow Investors Association was founded in 1994. At the present moment the Association numbers about 100 member companies. Among them are investment, development, construction, architecture, design and consulting firms.

The Association’s main goal is developing the benign investment environment in real estate, assisting investors and developers in the delivery of their projects, refining the legal regulatory framework.

The Association coordinates the activities of investors and developers in their engagement with the city authorities, consulting and helping investors and developers go through various formalities, acting an intermediary whenever disputes arise in the course of project development and helping in preparation of materials for submittal to authorized agencies.

The Association represents the interests of its members in working groups, commissions and other discussions organized by public authorities, comes up with legislative initiatives in the investment and construction realm, assesses draft bills, formulates proposals to improve the regulatory framework in urban development and to improve the investment environment in the industry.

The Association organizes business events with the involvement of public officials, leading experts of the industry in residential and commercial real estate, facilitates the search and selection of promising projects matching the investment priorities.

The United Bank of Moscow Projects

This resource is created together with Moscow’s Construction Investment Committee and called to gather on a single Internet platform some most promising projects capable of attracting investors who are willing to build and develop in the capital city.

All of these projects have passed due diligence and now the database counts about 125 sites. The Association managed to bring together this number of projects for only 1.5 years and with each passing month this number keeps rising. Now the most relevant recently posted projects include a water park in the area of Borisovsky Ponds, the site area of 4.810 hectares and the built space of 56,000 sq. m, as well as a residential development in the area of Botanic Gardens, with built space in excess of 247,000 sq. m.

The United Bank of Moscow Projects solves several problems for the investor. The resource offers the opportunity to select and implement any project, be it housing, recreational facility or daycare. It’s sufficient to leave the request directly on the website, indicating a number of relevant parameters. It should be noted that the United Bank is not only a virtual platform. As part of this undertaking, the Moscow Investors Association is also engaged in the support and selection of investment projects, helping to find co-investors for their successful delivery.

A bit of statistics: presented on the site are projects whose implementation may result in about 3.5m square meters of built property, of which residential housing accounts for about 1.4m square meters, hotels – for 530,000 sq. m and office buildings – for about 415,000 square meters.


RG – Development was founded in 2013. Being a full range developer, the company is in control of every stage of process from investing, planning and construction to exploitation and facility management. The company concentrates on complex development projects with residential and commercial components. The company now sells and develops residential projects in Moscow with total area more than 360,000 sq. m including all necessary social and commercial infrastructure: landscape area, underground parking, kindergarten, commercial and retail premises on the ground floors of the building.

MR Group

As one of the leading residential and commercial real estate developers MR Group has been a successful Russian market player since 2003. Due to its expertise, MR Group can offer a full range of services: from a construction site, feasibility study, project concept and authorizations to design, construction, promotion, sale and further operation.

MR Group holds on to the New Urbanism conception – the revival of the concept of accessibility for pedestrians in a particular residential area, mixture of functions, when it comes to a friendly environment for living and working.

The portfolio consists of 30 projects with a total area of 5 million sq. m in Moscow, Moscow region and Sochi. In 2015, MR Group launched fee development of Coalco’s projects: Presnya City, Tsarskaya Ploschad and Basmanny, 5. MR Group has been declared the Developer of the Year according to the Commercial Real Estate Awards, the Move Realty Awards, the Real Estate Market Records award, Urban Awards.

According to Infoline Analytical Agency, MR Group is on the list of Russia’s TOP 10 developers. MR Group is a member of the major professional associations. MR Group takes an active part in social and cultural life of Moscow and Moscow Region.

O1 Properties

O1 Properties is one of the leading investment companies in the Russian commercial real estate market. The company was established in 2010 by Boris Mints (O1 Group) to acquire and consolidate a portfolio of quality office buildings with value-add potential in Moscow. O1 Properties quickly earned reputation of the prominent market player for its excellence in investment decisions, cutting-edge approach to assets renovation, collaboration with premium partners, professional management team. The outstanding financial performance and significant growth of the company’s portfolio also contributed to the reputation of O1 Properties as one of the most sustainable real estate investment company in Russia.

With the company’s strictly focused strategy which is still unique for the Russian market, O1 Properties attracts prominent Russian and international investors. In 2014 the shares of the company were acquired by ICT Group and Goldman Sachs International while O1 Group remained the major shareholder of O1 Properties.


The REGIONS Group of Companies is one of the most dynamic players in the Russian retail property market. According to INFOLine Developer Russia TOP-100, the REGIONS Group of Companies is the fourth largest retail property owner in the country. REGIONS Group is a vertically integrated holding, incorporating more than 20 companies that develop commercial real estate and operate more than 30 retail facilities, such as malls and shopping centers in major cities and regions of Russia.

Currently The Group is focused on developing the world's largest indoor theme park "Island of Dreams" in Moscow and in the stage of preparation for the construction retail and entertainment centers "JUNE" (GBA: 106,000 sq. m), a residential complex of business class (GBA: 72000 sq.m.) on Preobrazhenskaya Square and two theme parks in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Total retail space that REGIONS Group operates exceeds 1.5 million square meters.

Urban Group

Urban Group is one of the leading Russian development companies; since 2007, it has specialized in the construction of residential real estate in Moscow Region. Today, the Company’s portfolio includes four completed residential complexes and five residential complexes are now under construction. Many of these projects received professional awards. For instance, in 2014 the Solnechnaya Sistema residential complex won the international European Property Award (London) in two categories, and in 2016 company’s new projects, Opalikha O3 and Mitino 02 resort town, were also nominated for this award. Large-scale project Laikovo will become the largest new city in the world styled after the classical architecture. No one has managed to accomplish such goal over the last 150 years. The author of the project is Maxim Atayants, one of the best Russian architects who designed the Olympic architecture in Sochi. The city will be located within a 116-hectare area in an upscale Moscow Region district, and will become home to more than 30,000 residents. The vertical integration of business processes at Urban Group Company allows for the supervision of all project implementation stages starting from the construction materials production, project development and construction, right up to the sales and operation. Urban Group is always open to interesting partnerships and professional dialogue.

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