Igor Tkach: Western investors are still interested in Moscow

At the opening of Moscow's stand at the 19th EXPO REAL International Trade Fair for Property and Investment, Igor Tkach, the leader of the Moscow Government delegation and Deputy Head of the Moscow Government Department for External Economic and International Relations, expressed high expectations for the discussion platforms at the exhibition, and welcomed Moscow's participation in it.

"At what is a challenging time for the whole country, Moscow has once again opened its traditional platform at EXPO REAL," said Mr Tkach. He noted that Western investors were more interested in the Russian capital today than ever: thousands of foreign companies are operating successfully in Moscow, and not one has left Russia in the period of just over two years that the sanctions against the country have been in place.

Visitors to the exhibition will have the chance to learn about Moscow's new construction projects, and how the city is preparing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. "Many of our partners are very interested in our new investment projects, not least in New Moscow, the new park area by the Borisovsky lakes, industrial areas, on the embankments of the Moskva River, and in Metro construction. But we ourselves are also ready to pick up ideas from builders, developers, and everyone who has come to Munich with their most interesting projects," the head of the Moscow delegation emphasised.

"European and German business figures want to know how Moscow, in carrying out its grand construction plans, has not only not foundered but has even gone from strength to strength under the sanctions. After all, anyone who has been away from Moscow even just for half a year would not recognise our city, so quickly is everything changing," said Mr Tkach.

Today, there are more than 200 areas in Moscow with high potential for development. The adoption of laws on the development of industrial areas is opening up new sites for investment and giving fresh impetus to the innovation-based development of Russia's biggest cities. A systematic approach from the government to developing the urban environment is helping to ensure stable market growth.

Mr Tkach confirmed that the Moscow delegation had a very busy schedule: over two days, they will take part in talks, meetings and roundtables. "This is the sixth year now that we have been gathering friends around the Russian stand at EXPO REAL. And we have a great many of them in Germany," he finished.